Computational Methods in Wind Engineering
An open access journal
Frontiers in Built Environment
An open-access publication
Journal of Wind Engineering, JAWE
The Journal of the Japan Association for Wind Engineering

Published by JAWE since 1974 - ISSN 1349-340X
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
The Journal of the International Association for Wind Engineering

Published by Elsevier since 1980 (formerly Journal of Industrial Aerodynamics, since 1975) - ISSN 0167-6105
Wind and Structures. An International Journal
Published by Techno-Press since 1998 - ISSN 1226-6116
Wind Engineering
A bi-monthly publication for papers and notes on all aspects of technology in wind energy
Published by Multi-Science Publishing Company since 1977 - ISSN 0309-524X
Wind Energy
Published by Wiley Interscience since 1998 - ISSN 1095-4244
Boundary-Layer Meteorology
An International Journal of Physical, Chemical and Biological Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Published by Kluwer  - ISSN 0006-8314
International Journal of Climatology
A Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

Published by John Wiley and Sons since 1996 - Print ISSN 0899-8418
Journal of Applied Meteorology
A Journal of the American Meteorological Society

Published by AMS - ISSN 1520-0450 (Online Abstracts)
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
A Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
Published by RMetS since 1972 - Print ISSN 0043-1656
The International Journal of Ventilation
Published by VEETECH Ltd, since 2002 - ISSN 1473-3315
Journal of Atmospheric Science
Published by the American Meteorological Society, - ISSN 0022-4928
Journal of Fluids and Structures
Published by ELSEVIER since 1987 - ISSN 0889-9746
Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE
Published by ASCE, since 1970- ISSN 0733-9445
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE
Published by ASCE, since 1970   - ISSN 0733-9399
Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics
Published by ELSEVIER, since 1986 - ISSN 0266-8920
Natural Hazards
Published by ASCE since 2000- ISSN 1527-6988
Journal of Wind and Engineering
Published by Indian Society for Wind Engineering, since 2004 - ISSN 0973-0613
Engineering Structures
The  Journal of Earthquake, Wind and Ocean Engineering

Published by ELSEVIER, since 1978  - ISSN 0141-0296
Journal of Aerospace Engineering
Published by ASCE since 1988 - ISSN 0893-1321
Journal of Applied Mechanics
Transaction of the ASME (Serie E
Published by ASCE - ISSN 0021-8936
Nonlinear Dynamics
An International Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Engineering Systems
Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers - ISSN 0924-090X
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Published by Institution of Civil Engineers, since 1836
Structural Engineering International
Published by IABSE, since 1991 - ISSN 1016-8664
Structural Safety
Published by ELSEVIER, since 1982 - ISSN 0167-4730
Structural Design of Tall Buildings
Published by John Wiley and Sons, since 1992 - ISSN 1099-1794
Il Nuovo Cimento C
International journal for geophysics and space physics

Published by Italian Physical Society since 1978 - ISSN 1124-1896