IAWE Conferences

8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering (APCWE8)
Chennai, India
December 10-12, 2013

The 6th European-African Conference on Wind Engineering (EACWE2013)
Robinson College, Cambridge, UK
July 7-11, 2013

The 12th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering (12ACWE)
Seattle Washington, USA
June 16-20, 2013

The 7th International Colloquium on Bluff-Body Aerodynamics and its Applications (BBAA7)
September, 2012

Thirteen International Conference on Wind Engineering

The Netherlands, Amsterdam
July 10-15, 2011

The 5th International Symposium on Wind Effects on Buildings and Urban Environment(ISWE5)" Wind Hazard Resilient Cities: New Challenges"
Tokyo, Japan
March 7-8, 2011

APEC-WW & IG-WRDRR Joint Workshop and 4AMCDRR Pre-Conference Event
Incheon, Korea
October 24-25, 2010

6th International Symposium on Environmental Effects on Buildings and People: Actions, Influences, Interactions, Discomfort
Tomaszowice, Poland
October 11-13, 2010

The 2nd AAWE Workshop

Florida, USA
August 2010

Fifth International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering
(CWE 2010)
Chapel Hill , North Carolina , USA
May 23-27, 2010

Experimental versus Numerical in Wind Engineering
Paris, France
March 2, 2010

International Forum on Tornado Disaster Risk Reduction for Bangladesh
- To Cope with Neglected Severe Disasters -

Dhaka, Bangladesh
December 13-14, 2009

Seventh Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering
(7th APCWE)

Taipei, Taiwan
November 8-12, 2009

Fifth European & African Conference on Wind Engineering
(5th EACWE)

Florence, Italy
July 19-23, 2009

11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering

San Juan, Puerto Rico
June 22-26, 2009

Cooperative Actions for Disaster Risk Reduction

UN University, Tokyo, Japan
March 4-6, 2009

Sixth International Colloquium on Bluff Body Aerodynamics & Applications

Milan, Italy
July 20-24, 2008

The 12th International Conference on Wind Engineering
(ICWE 12

Cairns, Australia
July 2-6, 2007