BY-LAWS 1999

Art. 1

The International Association for Wind Engineering is founded for two principal aims -

(i) Organisation of international meetings

(ii) Liaison with national and international organisations working in similar fields.

Art. 2

The Association will be governed by a Steering Committee which will meet every four years at the venue of an International Conference. The Chairman of the Association is to be the Chairman of the Organising Committee for the next International Conference.

The Steering Committee will consist of the Regional Secretaries and of one member from each country represented at the International Conference plus an additional member for those countries with a large number of representatives. These representatives are to be invited by the Chairman following prior consultation with national wind engineering organisations to seek their nominations and with delegates attending the International Conference in the case of countries without identifiable national organisations. The Chairman of the Association may co-opt a further five representatives to the Steering Committee.

Art. 3

The Association will be administered by an Executive Board consisting of the Chairman, the Past Chairman and the three Regional Secretaries. The Executive Board is co-ordinated by the Chairman who keeps the contacts with the different regions through the action of the Regional Secretaries.

Art. 4

The Association will use the Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, published by Elsevier, as its official organ, and will report to members through this publication.

Art. 5

There will be no formal membership of the Association and membership will be deemed to be those who have registered for the International Conferences.

Art. 6

The Steering Committee is vested with the responsibility of accepting the invitation by a National Delegation to host the next International Conference and of nominating the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. The venues for the International Conferences are to rotate in sequence through three regions as follows:

(i)   Europe and Africa

(ii)  North and South America

(iii) Asia and Australia

In the event that a Steering Committee is not in possession of an acceptable invitation to host the next International Conference it will remain the responsibility of the Executive Board, on behalf of the Steering Committee, to establish, by invitation, a suitable host country and Chairman for the next International Conference.

Art. 7

The By-Laws can be amended at any International Conference through a majority vote of the Steering Committee.


Formally ratified at the IAWE Steering Committee Meeting held on June 22, 1999, during the 10th ICWE, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21-24, 1999.