Paper title
T. Tamura Towards practical use of LES in wind engineering
A. Kareem Numerical simulation of wind effects: a probabilistic perspective
Akashi Mochida , Yu Fat Lun

Prediction of wind environment and thermal comfort at pedestrian level in urban area
Kyle D. Squires Prediction of Turbulent Flows at High Reynolds Numbers using Detached-Eddy Simulation
Kemal Hanjalić and Saša Kenjereš Some Developments in Turbulence Modeling of Environmental Flows
Keith W. Ayotte Computational Methods for the Wind Energy Industry
M. Oguro, Y. Morikawa, S. Murakami, K. Matsunawa, A. Mochida, H. Hayashi Development of a Wind Environment Database in Tokyo for a Comprehensive Assessment System for Heat Island Relaxation Measures
B. Blocken, T. Stathopoulos, J. Carmeliet
Towards Grid Resolution Guidelines for CFD Simulations of Wind Speed in Passages between Buildings
J. Franke, W. Frank Application of Richardson Extrapolation to the Prediction of the Flow Field around Building Models
T. Shirasawa, A. Mochida, Y. Tominaga, H. Yoshino Evaluation of Turbulent Time Scale of Linear Revised k-ε Models Based on LES Data
R. Yoshie, A. Mochida, Y. Tominaga CFD Prediction of Wind Environment around a High-Rise Building Located in an Urban Area
B. Bienkiewicz, M. Endo CFD-Aided Wind Tunnel Investigation of Pedestrian Wind
M. Matsumoto, K. Mizuno, K. Okubo, Y. Ito The Complex Branch Characteristics of Coupled Flutter
H. Yamada, H. Katsuchi, P.H. Kien A Study on Understanding of Coupled Flutter of Long-Span Bridges
X. Chen, A. Kareem Understanding the Underlying Physics of Multimode Coupled Bridge Flutter Based on Closed-Form Solutions
A. Larsen
Computation of Flutter of Long Span Cable Supported Bridges
A. Chen, F. Xu, R. Ma Aerodynamic Divergence of a Super-Long Span Cable-Stayed Bridge under Very Strong Wind
G. Diana, F. Resta, D. Rocchi A New Numerical Approach to Reproduce Bridge Aerodynamic Non Linearity in Time Domain
T. Tamura, K. Nozawa, K. Kondo AIJ Guide for Numerical Prediction of Wind Loads on Buildings
T. Takemi, T. Tamura, Y. Takei, Y. Okuda Microscale Analysis of Severe Winds within the Urban Canopy during a Period of Explosive Cyclogenesis by Coupling Large Eddy Simulation and Mesoscale Meteorological Models
K. Nozawa, T. Tamura Numerical Simulation of Flows around a Low-Rise Building Using Hybrid LES-RANS Model for Boundary Condition on the Ground
H. Kataoka Numerical Simulations of a Wind-Induced Vibrating Square Cylinder within Turbulent Boundary Layer
Y. Itoh, T. Tamura Large Eddy Simulation of Fluid Flows around Bluff Bodies in Overlaid Grid System
T. Maruyama Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow around a Wind Break
A. Yamaguchi, T. Ishihara, Y. Fujino Numerical Modeling of Local Wind Focusing on Computational Domain Setting and Boundary Treatments
M. Yoshida, M. Yamamoto, K. Takagi, T. Ohkuma Prediction of Typhoon Wind by Level 2.5 Closure Model
T. Ohsawa, T. Nakano, K. Matsuura, K. Hayashi Introduction of a JMA-Type Typhoon Bogus Scheme into MM5 to Improve Hindcasting of Coastal Sea Surface Winds
H. Niino, M. Nakanishi, R. Tanaka On the Conditions for a Dustdevil Genesis in a Large Eddy Simulation
J. Yoshino, T. Murakami, M. Hayashi, T. Yasuda
Development of a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave Model for Typhoon Early Warning System
A.T. Noda, H. Niino Genesis Mechanism and Structure of a Supercell Tornado in a Fine-Resolution Numerical Simulation
J. Yoshimura Influences of Global Warming on Tropical Cyclone Climatology as Simulated in a 20 km-Mesh Global Atmospheric Model
F. S. Lien, E. Yee, H. Ji Modeling Wind Flow and Turbulence in Oklahoma City
T. Takemi, T. Arimitsu, M. Tamai Mesoscale Circulation Induced by the Coupled Effects of Urban Heat Island and Land-Sea Contrast and its Response to Land Use Change
K. Sasaki, A. Mochida, T. Yoshida, H. Yoshino, H. Watanabe A New Method to Select Appropriate Countermeasures against Heat-Island Effects according to the Regional Characteristics of Heat Balance Mechanism
S. Itabashi, M. Kishi, K. Kashiyama, M. Shimura
Stabilized Finite Element Method for Thermal Environmental Flow in Urban Area
T. Sato, S. Murakami, R. Ooka, S. Yoshida Analysis of Regional Characteristics of the Atmospheric Heat Balance in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area in Summer
H. Kondo, T. Tokairin, Y. Kikegawa The Wind Calculation in Tokyo Urban Area with a Mesoscale Model
S. Ogaki, T. Iwasaki Dust Carried by Hot Air and the Influence of Wind Fluctuation
N.P. Waterson, J. Viot Simulation of Natural Ventilation and Wind Effects in a Semi Open Railway Station
T. Hasama, S. Kato, R. Ooka

Wind-Induced Ventilation Analysis Using Detached-Eddy Simulations to Control Indoor Thermal Environments
S. Kato, T. Hasama, R. Ooka Analysis of Wind-Induced Inflow and Outflow through a Single Opening Using Large-Eddy Simulations
C.H. Hu, M. Ohba, R. Yoshie CFD Modelling of Cross Ventilation Using Unsteady Methods
M. Bady, S. Kato, H. Huang Analysis of Ventilation Efficiency Indices Inside a Local Domain within an Urban Area Using Two Building Model
T. K. Thiis, W.K. Jeksrud, A.S. Flo Full-Scale Measurements and Numerical Simulation of Cross-Flow Ventilation of Farm Buildings in a Cold, Windy Coast Climate
Y. Yuan, X. Li, Y. Zhu, X. Chen
Experimental Study of Airflow in Naturally Ventilated Double Skin Facade
M. Thomas, R.N. Sharma, M. Kilduff Aerodynamic Effects of Different Ventilation Methods on Buses
D.G. Ferreira, E.S.D. Assis Comparison between Different Methods for Urban Ventilation Study: The Case of The City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
K. Fumoto, S. Watanabe An Estimation of Aerodynamics of Slotted One-Box Girder Section Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
M.W. Sarwar, T. Ishihara, K. Shimada, Y. Yamasaki, T. Ikeda Prediction of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Cable Stayed Bridge Girder Using LES Turbulence Model
A. Larsen Computation of Aerodynamic Derivatives by Various CFD Techniques
M. Matsumoto, T. Yagi, Q. Liu, K. Hori CFD Aided Study on the Mechanism of Rain-Wind Induce Vibration of Stay-Cables of Cable-Stayed Bridge
A. Chen, S. Yang, D. Wang, Z. Zhou Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Force Characteristic of Super Long Stayed Cables
S. Hernandez, J.A. Jurado, A. Baldomir and F. Bravo An Application of Virtual Wind Tunnel Techniques to the Proposed Messina Bridge
A. Maruoka, M. Takou, H. Sasaki Detached Eddy Simulation of Flow around a Box Girder Bridge Section
S.Y. Li, M. Gu Numerical Simulations of Flow Around Stay Cables with and without Fixed Artificial Rivulets
R. Kral, S. Pospisil, J. Naprstek Numerical Model of Nonlinear Wind-Structure Interaction
U.Y. Jeong, J. P. C. King

A Numerical Wind Buffeting Analysis of Horizontally Curved Bridges under Three-Dimensional Wind Loading
K. Kimura, E. Harada, K. Takakura, Y. Kubo, K. Kato Fluctuating Wind Velocity and Pressure Characteristics of the Flow in the Wake of a Conical Hill Causing Large Horizontal Response of a Bridge Model
J. A. Jurado, A. Leon, F. Nieto, S. Hernandez FLAS-B: Software for the Hybrid Analysis of Flutter and Buffeting Phenomena
S. Takahashi, Y. Ohya, T. Karasudani, K. Watanabe Numerical and Experimental Studies of Airfoils Suitable for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and an Application of Wind-Energy Collecting Structure for Higher Performance
T. Uchida, Y. Ohya Micro-Siting Technique for Wind Turbine Generator by Using Large-Eddy Simulation
M. Hasegawa, Y. Ohya, H. Kume Numerical Studies of Flows around a Wind Turbine Equipped with a Flanged Diffuser Shroud by Using an Actuator-Disc Model
J.H. Kim, T.S. Kim, Y.W. Lee, Y.D. Kim A Study on Aerodynamic Analysis and Design of Wind Turbine Blade
L.V. Binh, P. V. Phuc, T. Ishihara, Y. Fujino Analysis of Response of Wind Turbine under Wind Load
S. A. Deen, A. Yamaguchi ,T. Ishihara
A Physical Approach to Wind Speed Prediction for Wind Energy Forecasting
T. Ishihara, A. Yamaguchi, Y. Fujino A Dynamical Statistical Downscaling Procedure for Wind Climate Assessment and its Verification
Y. Hattori, S. Ishihara, N. Tanaka Large-Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Wind Velocity Fields over a Hill with Immersed Boundary Method
E. Tomokiyo, M. Kitamura, T. Uchida, J. Maeda, Y. Ohya Structural Damage Caused by Local Winds Associated with Typhoon Tokage (0423) Passing
D.K.K. Hui, K.C.S. Kwok, P. A. Hitchcock, C.H. Fok A Comparison between Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis and Wind Tunnel Observations on Flow above a Complex Terrain
C. L. Fu, S. M. Lee, C. M. Cheng Validation of CFD Simulations on the Wind Loads for Tall Buildings’ Preliminary Design
Y. Ono, T. Tamura, H. Kataoka LES Analysis of Unsteady Characteristics of Conical Vortex on a Flat Roof
N. Murgai, J. Oltrogge, F. L. Haan Jr. Separated Shear Layers in Non-Stationary Gusts - Discrete Vortex Simulation and Wind Tunnel Experiments
J. Chung, B. Bienkiewicz Numerical Simulation of a Hybrid RANS/LES Model to Flow past a High-Rise Building
P.J. Richards, S.E. Norris Can Steady RANS Models Reflect the Influence of Low-Frequency 2D Turbulence
Y. Wu, S. Shen Numerical Studies on the Behaviors of Wind-Structure Interaction for One-Way Type Roofs
D. Ono, H. Hasebe, T. Nomura A Method of Finite Element Mesh Generation for Wind Simulation in Cities
E. Colombo, A. Grassano, F. Perotti Comparison of Numerical and Experimental Simulations Used to Investigate the Wind-Structure Interaction of a Skyscraper
A. Nakayama, D. Okamoto, K. Hori Large Eddy Simulation of Flow past a Basic Trussed Structure
C.K. Nguyen, T. D. Ngo, P. A. Mendis, J.C.K. Cheung Dynamic Torsional Response of a Tall Building due to Wind Action Using CFD Approach
L.M. Huang, C.H. Wu The Numerical Simulation on the Effect of Wind Reduction by the Windbreak Net with Different Slanting Angles
Q. Yang, W. Zhu Numerical Simulation of Behaviors of Air-Inflated Cushion under Wind Excitation Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. Matsui, Y. Tamura Development of a Hybrid Vibration Experiment System for Determining Wind-Induced Responses of Buildings with Tuned Dampers
M.Y. Liu, W.L. Chiang, J.H. Hwang, C.R. Chu Performance Assessment of Tuned Mass Damper for Wind-Induced VibrationMitigation of Tall Building with Soil-Structure Interaction
R. Goyal, A.K. Ahuja The Distribution of Pressure near The Corners of Flat Canopy Attached to the Gable Roof Buildings
H. Kikitsu, Y. Okuda, M. Ohashi, J. Kanda Evaluation on Interacting Mechanism between Vibrating Three-Dimensional Prism and Fluctuating Wake Field
S. Ito, Y. Okuda, H. Kikitsu, M. Ohashi, T. Taniguchi, Y. Taniike Experimental Study on Flow and Pressure Fields over the Roof of a Cube by PIV Measurements
K. S. B. Narayan, S. C. Yaragal, Y. Tamura Interaction Envelopes for Limit State Design of Chimneys
N. Hur, S.R. Kim, C.S. Won, C.K. Choi
Wind Load Simulation for High Speed Train Stations
J.-H. Ha, C.-K. Choi The Aerodynamic Characteristic of the Transformable Airfoil
K.P. Cho, S. Hong Speed up Effects over 3-D Complex Hills with Transmission Towers Collapsed During Typhoon Passage
D.H. Yeo, N. P. Jones Numerical Simulation of Unsteady 3-D Flow around a Yawed and Inclined Circular Cylinder
M.T. Chay, R. Wilson, F. Albermani Gust Occurrence in Simulated Non-Stationary Winds
K. Otsuka Effects of Topography on the Surface Wind of an Isolated Wet Microburst
A. Sengupta, F.L. Haan, P.P. Sarkar and V. Balaramudu
Transient Loads on Buildings in Microburst and Tornado Winds
L.Chen, C.W. Letchford Vector Time-Varying Autoregressive (TVAR) Modeling Nonstationary Downburst Wind Speeds
L. Wang, A. Kareem Description and Simulation of Gust Front Wind Field
H. Hangan, J.D. Kim Numerical Simulation of Tornado Vortices
Y.J. Ge, H.F. Xiang Retrospect and Prospect on Computational Methods for Aerodynamic Bridge Flutter
G. Liu, F. Meng, X. Wang Mechanism of Flutter Control of Suspension Bridge by Winglets
F.C. Cao, Y.J. Ge A Blob Resizing Procedure for Diffusion in Vortex Methods
L.D. Zhu, G.Z. Chang, C. Li Skew Wind Effect on 2-D of Coupled Flutter of a Flat-Box Deck
Y.X. Yang, Y.J. Ge, H.F. Xiang Flutter Mechanism and Flutter Modality Investigation for Thin Plate Sections
Z. Zhou, A. Chen, H.F. Xiang On the Mechanism of Torsional Flutter Instability for 1st Tacoma Narrow Bridge by Discrete Vortex Method
B. Lin, Y. Zhu, X. Li, and Y. Qin Numerical Study of the Evaluation Indexes for Outdoor Pedestrian Thermal Comfort
S. Yoshida Study on Evaluation of Outdoor Thermal Environment Based on CFD Analysis Incorporating Multi-Fractional Human Thermoregulation Model
T. Ono, S. Murakami, R. Ooka, T. Takahashi, T. Omori, T. Saotome
Numerical and Experimental Study on Convective Heat Transfer of a Human Body in Outdoor
B. Lin, Y. Zhu, X. Li, Y. Qin Numerical Simulation Studies of the Different Vegetation Patterns’ Effects on Outdoor Pedestrian Thermal Comfort
R. Ooka, H. Chen, S. Kato Study on Optimum Arrangement of Trees for Design of Pleasant Outdoor Environment Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm and Coupled Simulation of Convection, Radiation and Conduction
J. Franke Recommendations of the Cost Action C14 on the Use of CFD in Predicting Pedestrian Wind Environment

A. Mochida, Y. Tominaga, R. Yoshie
AIJ Guideline for Practical Applications of CFD to Wind Environment around Buildings
A. Kurbatskiy, Lonchakov A. V., Kurbatskaya L. I. Wind Climate in Cites: Air Circulation and Pollutant Dispersion
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A. Mochida, H. Yoshino, T. Iwata, Y. Tabata Optimization of Tree Canopy Model for CFD Prediction of Wind Environment at Pedestrian Level
R. Wan, J. Liu, Z. Wang The Numerical Simulation for Air Distribution of an Underground Main Workshop in Hydropower Station
C.H. Chang, J. S. Lin, C.M. Cheng, Y.Y. Lin CFD Simulation of Concentration and Flow Distribution by Different Arrangements of Building Height in Urban Street Canyon
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H. Jin, W. Yang, X. Jin, D. Chen Numerical Investigation on the Wind Environment around a Sports Center
T. Scott, D. Banks Virtual Versus Physical: Examining the Capabilities of CWE/CFD Simulationsthrough Comparisons to Wind Tunnel Observations
A.P. Jeary, D. Alexander Movement of Smoke in Tunnels: A Comparison of Theory and Practice
H. Hemida, S. Krajnovic

Exploring the Flow around a Generic High-Speed Train under the Influence of Side Winds Using LES
E. Guilmineau Numerical Study of Wakes on a Simple Car Model
D. Lee, S. Parameswaran Transient Numerical Simulation of The Flow Field around a Pickup Truck
H.J. Gerhardt, B. Konrath, R.D. Lieb, M. Schwarz Smoke Management in Underground Transportation Facilities in the Event of a Fire - Commissioning Reduced Heat Output and CFD-Calculation for the Design Heat Output
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T. Nomura, K. Takagi, H. Kanai Finite Element Simulation of Sound Propagation Concerning Wind Conditions
A. Rokugou, A. Okajima, S. Kimura, T. Kiwata, H. Yamamoto
Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Sound Radiated from Rectangular Cylinders with Various Side Ratios
H. Hangan, J.D. Kim Numerical Simulation of Aero-Acoustic Noise for Buildings
M. Farhadi, K. Sedighi Flow over Bluff Bodies Using LES
H.C.Lim, T. G. Thomas, I.P. Castro Flow around a Cube Placed in a Simulated Turbulent Boundary Layer
Y. Gao, W.K. Chow
Wall Function at the Upwind Sharp Convex Corners in Simulating Incident Air Flow on a Cube
H. Hasebe, T. Nomura On the Nodal Velocity Direction at Body Corners in 2D Turbulence Simulations Using the Wall Function
J.H. Kwon, Y.H. Choi, Y.W. Lee, Y.D. Kim Numerical Analysis of Karman Vortex Street in the Wake of the Jeju Island
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D. Yu, A. Kareem, K. Butler, J. Glimm, J. Sun Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Aspect Ratio on Flows around Bluff Bodies
K. M. Lam, C. T. Wei Characteristics of Vortices Shed from a Circular Cylinder and an Inclined Flat Plate
Y.C.Li, C.C. Chen, F.M. Fang, T.C. Liang
A Numerical Study of Aerodynamic Forces on a Square Cylinder in Oscillating Flows
Y.C. Ku, T.Y. Kim, J.H. Rho, K.H. Kim, D.H. Lee A Numerical Study of Moving Ground Effect to the Vortex Shedding around a Square Cylinder
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S. A. Smirnov, S. I. Voropayev, H.J.S. Fernando, D.S. Iv Wake Instability and Dipole Formation in Stratified Fluids
T. Shiii, H. Yagi, A. Fujii Wind Tunnel Study of Column-Type Circular Cylinder Propulsion Assistance System (C-Pas) for Ships
G. Diana, A. Zasso, L. Vigevano, F. Auteri, L. Formaggia, F. Nobile Flow-Structure Interaction of the Oscillating Circular Cylinder in the Lock-In Region: Computational Versus Experimental Approach Comparison
Z. J. Taylor, E.Palombi, G. A. Kopp, W. J. Holmes
Comparisons of CFD and PIV data for the Flow around a Rectangular Cylinder
T.A. Tran, B. Hori, H. Kobayashi Control of Vortex Oscillation of a Rectangular Cylinder by Periodic Suction and Blowing at the Leading Edges
S. Cao, Y. Tamura Numerical and Experimental Studies on the Flow around a Circular Cylinder in Shear Flow
H. Hiraoka, M. Ohashi A (k-ε) Turbulence Closure Model for Plant Canopy Flows
S. Kurita, M. Kanda Comparison of LES with Wind Tunnel Experiment around and within Localized Urban Canopy under Atmospheric Turbulent Boundary Layer
T. Karasudani, H. Ueda

Experimental and Numerical Study on a Free Convection Layer Developing under a Water Surface
Y. Ohya, T. Uchida Laboratory and Numerical Studies of Atmospheric Stable Boundary Layers
R. Okada, Y. Isono, M. Kanda, E. Maruta Hybrid Technique for Verifying the Interactions between Oscillating Square Prism and Surrounding 2D Flow
T. Matsuyama, W. Nanami, M. Kanda and E. Maruta Study on Aerodynamic Oscillation Including Unstable Phenomena of High-Rise Buildings
M. Pedro, R. Neftali, B. Chris, C. Andrew Wind Effects on MDOF Structures Using ANN
Y. Uematsu, R. Tsuruishi
Wind Load Evaluation System for the Design of Claddng of Spatial Structures
L. C. Chen, C. C. Chen, C. Y. Chen, S. W. Yeh, S. K. Zen, J. H. Chou The Wind Features of Taipei 101 Financial Building
C. C. Chen, C. C. Hsu, L. C. Chen, J. H. Chou Reducing Flow Induced Building Vibration by Streamlining
M. Kasperski Identification of Long-Term Trends in the Wind Climate Based on Simulations
Y. Kubo, K. Yoshida, T. Hamamoto, K. Kimura, K. Kato Wind Shield Effect of Wall on an Embankment by Means of Separation Interference Method
H. Kawai Pressure in a Cavity of Building-High Double Facade
P.J. Richards, N. Williams, B. Laing, M. Mccarty, M. Pond
Numerical Calculation of the 3-Dimensional Motion of Wind-Borne Debris
N.K. Cuong, T. Ngo, P. Mendis, J.C.K. Cheung A Flow Analysis for a Turning Rapid Diffuser Using CFD
M.Gopinath, K.M.Parammasivam Pressure Measurements on Delta Wing with Different Leading Edge Radii
F. Nieto, S. Hernandez, J.A. Jurado Distributed Computing for Design Optimization of the Messina Bridge Considering Aeroelastic Constraints
E. Palombi, G. A. Kopp, R. Gurka Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of Wake Flows of Various Bridge Sections
C.H. Chen, Y.Y. Lin, J.H. Chen Prediction of Flutter Derivatives Using Artificial Neural Networks
G. Liu, L. Zhu, H.F. Xiang
Structural Internal Force Prediction of a Suspension Bridge due to Buffeting
A. Chen, D. Wang, Z. Zhou, H. Yin Numerical Simulation of Wind Environment above Deck
Pham H.KIEN, Hitoshi YAMADA, Hiroshi KATSUCHI, Eiichi SASAKI Study on Static and Dynamic Instability of Super Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges.
Hanjie Huang, Mingshui Li Flutter and Buffeting Analysis in Time Domain for Suspension Bridge in Operation and Erection Stage
Jong-Cheng Wu, Wei-Cheng Liu, Jeng-Yu Juang Identification of Flutter Derivatives by Forced Vibration Technique
F. Tremblay, W. Habashi, M. Aube, C. Wang, B. Huang, G. Wang A CWE/WT Study of the Flow over High-and Low-Rise Buildings with Anisotropic Mesh Optimization
J. Franke Evaluating Fluent V6.2 with the German VDI Guideline for Obstacle Resolving Micro-Scale Models
D.M. Hargreavesa, N.G. Wright The Use of Commercial CFD Software to Model the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
J. Kim, H. Hangan Numerical Simulation of Downbursts and Comparison with Full Scale Data
X. Wang, T. Stathopoulos, P. Saathoff Numerical Evaluation of Dispersion of Pollutants in the Building Environment: Comparisons with Models and Experiments
R. N. Meroney CFD Prediction of Cooling Tower Drift in an Urban Environment
P. Moonen, B. Blocken, J. Carmeliet Indicators for the Evaluation of Test Section Flow Quality
K.M. Lam, J.G. Zhao Interference Effects of Wind Loads on a Row of Tall Buildings
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S. Awasthi, K.K. Chaudhry A Computational and Experimental Study of Pollution Dispersion in an Isolated Street Canyon
N. Sharma, K. K. Chaudhry, C. V. Chalapati Rao
Physical Modeling of Vehicular Pollution Dispersion in an Isolated Urban Street Canyon under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions and its Simulation by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Technique
E. Yee, F.-S. Lien, A. Keats, K.-J. Hsieh, R. D’amours Validation of Bayesian Inference for Emission Source Distribution Reconstruction Using the Joint Urban 2003 and European Tracer Experiments
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N. Seino, A. Yamamoto, M. Chiba, H. Sasaki, I. Takayabu Numerical Modeling of Dust Storm in the Taklimakan Desert-Pos sibility of Effective Long-Range Transport
Y. Utanohara, S. Kimura, T. Kiwata, A. Okajima A Numerical Study of Yellow Sand Transport in Stably Stratified Flows over a Two-Dimensional Mountain
A. Hatanaka, H. Kobayashi Active Gust Generation and its Application to Bluff Body Aerodynamic s
H. Makita, N. Sekishita Wind Tunnel Experiments of Large-Scale Turbulence Generated by a Turbulent Shear Flow Generator
K. Nagai
Wind Tunnel Simulation of the Atmospheric Turbulence Coherence
M. Noda, F. Nagao, K. Adachi, T. Isago, H. Utsunomiya Control of Spatial Correlation of Vertical Component Wind Fluctuation Using by Flexible Movable Blades Cascade
K. Kimura, Y. Kubo, K. Kato A trial Manufacture of Fluctuating Wind Direction Tunnel that Utilize the Control of Pressure Slope Orientation
S.D. Kwon, H.Y. Yeom, B. Sung, J.K. Kim A Grid Computing-Based Remote-Experiment System for Wind Engineering
B. Sun, G. Shen, Q. Li Wind-Induced Dynamic Analysis of Membrane Structure with Air Influence
Y. Quan, W. Yang, X. Jin, Y. Tamura Comparison of Mean Wind Pressure Coefficients on a Low-Rise Building Afforded by Experimental and Numerical Methods
A. Zhang, M. Gu
Numerical Simulations of Wind Pressures on Buildings in Staggered Arrangement
X. Y. Zhou, M. Gu Numerical Simulation of Snow Drift on the Surface of a Large Span Roof Structure
P. Huang, Y.J. Wang, M. Gu Wind Tunnel Test and Numerical Simulation of Mean Wind Loads on a Container Crane
W. Lou, B. Sun, H. Li, G. Shen Wind Tunnel Test and Numerical Simulation of Wind Loads on Cantilevered Roofs
W. Yang, X Jin, H. Jin, Y. Quan, M. Gu Research on the Parameters of Turbulence Model and Modeling of Equilibrium Atmosphere Boundary Layer in CWE
Y. Li, Z. Zhou, Z. Li Equivalent Along-Wind Loads of Aqueduct Bridges
H. Yasui, T. Ohkuma Wind Response Analysis Method for Base-Isolated Buildings Considering Small-Amplitude Plastic Behavior and Creep
Y.Q. Li, L. Wang, Z. Liu, Y. Tamura
Modal Analysis for Wind-Induced Response of Spatial Structures Based on the POD Characteristics of Wind Pressure
T.C. Liang, F.M. Fang, Y.C. Li, C.C. Chen Numerical Predictions of the Responses of a Square Prism Based on the Approach of Rigid Aeroelastic Model
M. Matsumoto, T. Yagi, T. Tubota, J.H. Lee,K. Hori, Y. Kawashima Study on the Unsteady Pressure Field around the Oscillatory B/D=4 Rectangular Section Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis
G. Huang, X. Chen Analysis of Wind Load Effects and Modeling of Equivalent Static Wind Loads of Tall Buildings Based on Synchronous Pressure Measurements
X. Hu, X. Chen, D.A. Smith Assessment of Wind Load Effects on Low-Rise Buildings Using Full-Scale Pressure Measurements
A. Kumaraperumal, P.H Baker, C.H. Sanders, G.H. Galbraith, R.C. Mclean Prediction of Fabric Moisture Contents in a Historic Building Using CFD and Heat Air and Moisture Transfer Modelling Compared with Full-Scale Measurements
J.H.M. Beyers, W.F. Waechter, H.A. Baker, M. R. Carter, C.J. Williams Modelling Transient Snowdrift Development around Complex Three-Dimensional Structures
Y. Tominaga, A. Mochida, H. Yoshino, T. Shida, T. Okaze
CFD Prediction of Snowdrift around a Cubic Building Model
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